UnLock the Mysteries...

Everyone Loves to Solve Mysteries. In the coming posts, the secrets of "A Monster's Love" will be Revealed. Some you will still have to find on your own as hints are given, while others will be explained in further detail. This short story was crafted on MultiLevels from the Simplistic to the Advanced.

In this image is a Photo of Myself, Cousin, and daughter as we left to explore the Mysterious Hauntings of Winchester House in San Jose, CA, on Halloween Night. Despite the house being the MOST HAUNTED in AMERICA and especially on 10/31/2013, my daughter summed up our search by safely reporting to the Guide, "This house is Clean, There is NO GHOSTS." We are all Hunters for the truth.

We search for the truth in life. Along the way we discover truths about ourselves. May you find truth as well as you explore the deepest secrets of... A MONSTER'S LOVE.

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