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The Hidden Trinity --Spoiler Alert--

God is Triune. We are made also in His image (Body, Soul, Spirit). The author has incorporated elements of the Trinity into the Story. As with the theme of the Book, nowhere does the author use Buzz-Kill Words that may turn people off, like the word Bible. Those ideas are told in another way in the story to get people's attention, and some elements are hidden under the reader's eyes.

Finding The Trinity -

The first thing you need to do is find page 9. As is common in books, the story does not start on the first page which is reserved for a book's information, but in the following pages. So if you are to start on the Second Page titled "Inspired by a Nightdream.." This is page 1.

Now turning to Page 9, we find the Key to the entire Book NON-WHITE SISTRUMS. This is an Egyption Religious Cultic Musical Practice (Instrument) and hidden insight into the protanginst's pagan background. This word is also an Anagram that rearranged spells "Monsters Within US." This represents God ~ the Father of the Trinity. God takes what is wrong and always makes it better. The Words are Scrambled and reordered revealing truth.

On Page 11, the monster enters a building. If you read the clue "decaying steep, leaning Tower" you see hidden the word "steeple." So the monster/man was in a church. Jesus said he was the "Church" on earth.

Finally towards the end of the book when the stairs ascend into heaven, if you look at the base you see HEB 12:14. It reads, "without Holiness, no one shall see God." The represents Holy Living with the Holy Spirit thriving inside us. The book says many believed but yet none where transformed. Only one was transformed. Salvation goes beyond forgiveness, but also having a Holy Heart... BE HOLY AS I AM HOLY 1 Peter 1:16

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